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Dear Colleague,

Since 2001, the MontclairSTAR Program has been helping individuals and families address the complex issue of sex addiction and sexually compulsive behavior. Through a Task Centered Treatment Model developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, the program targets addictive behavior, family involvement, and skills for achieving sobriety and maintaining recovery as its treatment objective.

Experience has taught us that people with addictive and compulsive disorders require both forms of treatment: treatment for addiction and psychotherapy. A specialized group experience to address the problems of sex addiction and multiple addictions is our "Beginnings Group". It offers individuals education about sex addiction and the addiction cycle, problematic sexual behavior, and is a starting point in the process of learning skills for breaking old patterns and choosing sobriety, and includes acquaintance with the 12-step philosophy.

The "Beginnings Group" is a second tier of treatment for those clients who you have identified as having an addiction, and for whom psychotherapy alone is not enough. In order to make the patient's treatment seamless, we offer conjoint conferencing with the primary therapist at the client's request.

For information, or to inquire about the "Beginnings Group", you can reach us by phone at 973-746-6928 or by email.

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