Montclair STAR Program

MontclairSTAR Mission

The MontclairSTAR program is an outgrowth and expansion of the Montclair Center for Psychodrama and Psychotherapy, the addiction treatment and psychodrama training program that was established in 1981. Our mission is to provide a treatment program in which individuals with a sexual addiction and their partners can enter a process of recovery, gain control over their lives and begin to work through the stages of recovery. MontclairSTAR provides opportunities for this process to evolve through a multi-level approach which includes:
  • Addiction education
  • A task oriented involvement to support the development of new and healthy behaviors to replace the addictive ones.
  • Building a support network
  • Identifying and addressing the issues of the partners of sex addicts
  • Working through the underlying issues of addiction often involving experiences of early trauma, abuse or neglect
  • Family of origin work
  • Improving relationship skills
  • Healthy sexuality
  • Intimacy

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